The essence of the brand Menzer Hajiyeva reflects the synthesis of art and technology. The traditional and modern fuse to create wearable art inspired by the heritage of Azerbaijan.

Founded in 2012, Menzer Hajiyeva specializes in handmade silk scarves for women. Detailed workmanship and exquisite fabrics combine to make each of our scarves an expression of individuality. Inspired by the Azerbaijani culture, architecture, nature and crafts the scarves rapidly became to be known as Art Scarves, which became the signature product of the brand. Today the brand offers a variety of products including: kelagayis, scarves for her and him, pocket squares, pareos and tunics, limited ready to wear, home accessories and customizable products.

Menzer Hajiyeva company is motivated to modernize authentic themes of Azerbaijan’s history and culture through brand’s products and expose them locally and internationally. Limited production with the variety of luxurious fabrics such as silk, modal, fine wool, cashmere and cotton allows the brand to find its exclusive niche on the market. Each collection is carefully refined to portray a certain inspiration and mood. We also offer personalized and customized products to better match client’s needs.