Menzer Hajiyeva  
Founder & Creative Director

“I love creating beautiful products. The most challenging part is prioritizing and focusing on what will bring the most value to the business and making decisions that are outside of my comfort zone.

This is why trusting your team is so important. I like to work with people I can rely on. I look for disciplined, self-learners and believe in a non-hierarchical, circular team. Everyone gets to contribute to fulfill the mission of the company. I encourage feedback and love it when my team challenges my opinions and decisions.” 

Menzer is a London based, fashion designer specializing in the creation of fabric prints and scarves. Menzer has worked in the studios of Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Narciso Rodriguez and Lanvin in New York and Paris before launching her own label. She is a graduate of New York University, Parsons School of Design and Studio Berçot. 

Farida Shirinova
Customer Relationship & Showroom Manager

Farida is proud to be working in a company created and led by a female boss.

“I really value what our company is creating. We put so much effort into our work, which our customers really appreciate. I love seeing how much happiness and pride our customers feel when they shop with us.” Says Farida

When asked who she wanted to be when she grows up, Farida wanted to be a doctor, because she loves to help people, so it is no wonder that she is our customer relationship manager.

“Often clients are not sure what to choose, so I nudge them towards a decision that is right for them.”

Gunel Nizamova
Director of Operations

Gunel ensures that all our operational processes are running smoothly. From sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and delivery of products to customers, Gunel is a mighty force in our company. With years of experience in different industries, Gunel is both highly organized and a creative person. Her ability to optimize all our production processes wins her time to do what she loves most - working side by side our artisans and restoring kelagayis that otherwise would be wasted.

Even in stressful situations Gunel motivates herself with a positive mindset. She loves “being part of a team that creates beauty and loves to participate in the creative processes of creation.”

Gunel Baghirzade
Finance Manager and Accountant  

“Even in a small company you can do big things,” tells us Gunel.

What seems like a straightforward job actually requires creativity and problem solving. With a background in auditing, managing the finances of a company that sells fashion products that we manufacture ourselves was something new and challenging for Gunel.

What she loves about the company is a supportive team that tries to solve problems together and help each other out. Working so close together is a bit like having a second family at work.

      Mehin Imanly
      Content Creator

Since childhood, Mehin loves to take risks and to try herself in different spheres. However, all these spheres have always been somehow related to art.

"Different things can inspire me, it can be rainy weather or playing musicians in front of our showroom. However, the atmosphere in our team inspires me the most. "It's great that everyone contributes to the development of the company" Mehin says.

Mehin's favorite phrase is "No risk no gain", so in order to succeed we need to leave our comfort zone.

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