We produce locally, responsibly and respectfully.


At Menzer Hajiyeva, our journeybegins with the rich heritage of Azerbaijan and unfolds into each kelagayi we create. Crafted from 100% natural silk sourced directly from our homeland, these scarves embody the intersection of tradition and mindful production. Every kelagayi is a reflection of our commitment to timeless elegance and sustainability.


In our atelier, the ancient craft of kelagayi making is rejuvenated through sustainable practices. The wax used in applying intricate patterns is reused, embracing a cycle of respect for both art and environment. This approach not only preserves the craft's authenticity but also aligns with our eco-conscious values.


Our commitment to the planet is further expressed through our choice of natural dyes. These non-toxic colors ensure the safety of our craftsmen and minimize our environmental footprint, allowing us to offer you pieces that are as kind to the earth as they are beautiful.


Beyond the fabric and dye, sustainability is woven into the fabric of our daily operations. From conserving energy by turning off store lighting after hours to minimizing paper waste and reducing unnecessary product transport as much as we can, we strive for a lighter footprint. These efforts, though small, are significant steps toward reducing our environmental impact.