Caspian Sea Elements

Caspian Sea Elements

The sea is one of the world's timeless beauties that is admired by so many. The beauty, the smell and the feeling that the sea brings has inspired creators of music and pairing to create breath-taking masterpieces.


Our Caspia Collection is devoted to the Caspian Sea. The childish memories of designer Menzer Hajiyeva which is connected to the mid 80s and her vacation with the family on the seashore.


The era of the Soviet Union reflects in collection has been penetrated by bright dresses with large prints which in the childhood seems even more, as well as a print in the form of jars of caviar which those years became part of baby food for breakfast.




Today caviar - one of the key gifts of Azerbaijan, so why not to get as a souvenir a silk scarf with caviar how it is advised by journalists of New York Post?





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