Intrigued by the rich vegetation of Azerbaijan, Menzer was inspired to experiment with purple basil, plum cherries, pomegranates and quince - unusual fruits that are a speciality of the Absheron region. 

Drawing memories from her grandfather’s garden where he grew his own fruits and vegetables, Menzer was inspired by the richness of color, shape, taste and nutrients found fruits.


Word from the designer:

“My grandfather would proudly speak of his ‘natural’ and free from pesticides harvest, when the concept of organic crops was not even on the radar. We had grape vines growing vertically over our heads forming beautiful walls and arcades in our summer house - located by the coast where we now host our atelier.

Together with my cousins and brother we would pick pears off of trees and shake the, ‘tut' tree onto a white sheet to collect its berries. Leftover fruits were turned into homemade jams by my grandmother.

Drawing from these fond memories of bright colors and shiny fruits in red, green and yellow, I focused on intricate line properties of each fruit and leaf, placing them in various corners of the silk scarf panels.

The fine metalwork on our unique stamps requires that our artisans hone their skills to manage the complexity of each illustration, to preserve the beauty of each element.

Some scarves have been dipped into several individual color baths, consuming four days for the production of one scarf.