The brand gained recognition through its influence and transformation of a traditional silk scarf called Kelagayi into a stylish travel accessory.

Historically produced in Azerbaijan, in 2014 kelagayi was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO for its symbolism and craft.

Kelagayi is a signature product of Menzer Hajiyeva collections.



Storytelling through fashion 

Fashion is an interpretation of culture that surrounds us.
Throughout history designers have been inspired by their heritage, drawing references from their cultural roots and backgrounds and transposing them into their collections.
Being a world traveller and having lived abroad half of my life, I turned to my roots for inspiration.

Historically Azerbaijan has been on the silk road, so on a journey to find local silk producers in Azerbaijan I discovered a small artisanal workshop within an old-industrial Soviet style factory that was barely functioning. Within the walls of this abandoned half functioning factory hung beautiful light silk fabric, blown by the breeze with colors brightened by the rays of sunlight, glowing like glass as they were drying. The vivid colors, fine silk and the airy quality of the scarves was the beginning of the re-birth of kelagayi into contemporary fashion….