Our Atelier



We believe that a truly luxurious product should be created sustainably in a safe and loving environment. 

Every kelagayi is handmade in our atelier by a new generation of female artisans. 


Our atelier was created with the mission to preserve the art and craft of kelagayi and improve the economic well-being of women in villages of Azerbaijan.

Any woman residing in the village of Goradil can go through our training program and become an artisan. We help artisans develop professional and creative skills and pay them fair wages. The well being of our artisans is at the core of our mission.



Gulnar is very passionate about her work. She is meticulous with her creations and mothers each design as if each scarf is her child. Gulnar never stops dreaming and considers herself lucky to be an artisan. 

This is Gulnar's first job. Sedentary nature of the work is physically convenient for her due to her physical handicap. Unable to get proper medical treatment as a child, Gulnar has a disability. Gulnar is saving for treatment abroad, that will greatly improve her quality of life. 

We are helping her fund her surgery: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/help-gulnar-get-necessary-hip-replacement-surgery



Saida loves to work in a team and teach new artisans. Working with her hands as an artisan is an expression of her creativity.

As a child, Saida dreamt of becoming a painter. She has had several jobs in different industries before trying herself as an artisan. She used to work as a baker. She still loves to experiment with her baking the same way she experiments with her craft. Around the holidays she bakes delicious cakes for the team.

Regular income from her work in the atelier helps Saida and her husband save up to build their own house.



Gulnara has gone from being a house wife to becoming a colorist. Working at the atelier has given her an opportunity to prove that she can have a job and take care of her family at the same time. Gulnara works very hard on both fronts. At home, she takes care of her household and looks after elderly members of the family. She is able to bring in additional financial support to help her husband sustain the family. 

At the atelier she is a great colleague to other artisans.   

She is very careful and honest in her work. With her great attention to detail, she remembers every color label by heart! 



Gunay is proud of the work that she does. Continuing a craft that has an ancient history and supportive colleagues give Gunay a sense of comfort and confidence in work and life. Having a very big family with lots of relatives, for Gunay working at the atelier is actually restful and a nice getaway from house work. Gunay gets so tired at home over the weekend that she looks forward to work on Mondays. For her her work is soothing and relaxing.  Being so close to home, she is able to go home during lunch. Gunay dreams of one of the kelagayis to be named after her.



This is Tamam's first job and for her this is an opportunity to have her own income, to financially support her child and help cover some of the medical expenses of her ill mother. She always dreamt of working but her parents and then husband did not allow this. Our atelier is closely located to her house. Together with an all-female work environment allows her to pursue a job that does not interfere with her family commitments and values. She is able to go home to prepare lunch and leave work earlier if there is an emergency. She is very happy to be part of a team, and loves being useful to the team and society through the work that she does. 



Creating and maintaining an atelier for handmade products is a challenging, costly process. 

By purchasing an item you are helping us create a healthier ecosystem for the makers and consumers.