Inspired by summer vacations by the Caspian sea in the late 80s this collection of handmade scarves utilizes colors that go well with swimwear. Reminiscing childhood memories during the USSR, the designer tried to translate her emotions of that time period into this collection. Referencing nautical prints and old family photographs with her father’s Volga, her mothers fashion accessories and picnicking on the beach this collection is intended to be fun and light. Round shapes, large patterns and repetition have been used to create dynamic and bold prints.

Word from the designer: 
“We always focus on our ancient heritage and this time I wanted to look at our recent history and not forget that we were part of the USSR because it adds a curious twist to our identity. I am also interested in transformations. Traditionally kelagayis are designed using ethnic prints and designs that have been reproduced for centuries. In the last collection we used carpet motifs and took one step forward in modernizing them. The caviar and fish prints this season are intended to bring in humor and something fun. I remember the days when caviar was served in a glass jar and was fed to us as a source of vitamin with bread and butter for breakfast. Large polka dots, red colors and stripes have a retro feeling to me and remind me of my mother’s closet when I was a kid. Everything looked large and colorful as a child so I tried to recreate that feeling of exaggeration in this collection.”