While today travel is considered to be a leisurely activity, historically travel was for the adventurous few willing to take risks for the prospects of fortune, conquering lands or carrying important messages from east to west and vice versa.

Embarking on long and unsafe expeditions, travelers carried amulets to protect themselves from the dangers and misfortune of the long journey ahead. Inspired by the protective amulets of Silk Road travelers, the Amulet collection symbolizes safety and fortune for the modern adventurer, embodying the spirit of historical journeys with designs meant to safeguard and inspire.

Amulets came in different shapes and materials but were generally small, portable and were worn close to the skin and body. The collection features the Hamsa Hand for divine protection, the Evil Eye to ward off misfortune, and Esfand Seeds ('uzerlik') for spiritual cleansing, reflecting a blend of cultural beliefs and traditions.