Inspired by summer vacations by the Caspian sea in the late 80s this collection utilizes colors that go well with swimwear. Reminiscing childhood memories during the USSR, the designer tried to translate her emotions of that time period into this collection. Referencing nautical prints and old family photographs with her father’s Volga, her mothers fashion accessories and picnicking on the beach this collection is intended to be fun and light.

With its playful patterns of waves, caviar lids, fish, and polka dots, this collection offers the ideal fun accessories for fashionable looks or memorable souvenirs from your travels to the Caspian shore.

This Collection Features

Caviar Lids

Those raised on the Caspian shore in the '70s to '90s fondly remember starting each morning with at least one spoonful of black caviar as an immune booster. This cherished childhood memory has now inspired a fun accessory: a silk pattern echoing the iconic design of caviar lids. Wondering what to bring back from Baku? Take home a slice of luxury with caviar on silk.

This Collection features

Caspian Sea

Inspired by summer vacations by the Caspian Sea in the late '80s, she infused her designs with a playful element, incorporating a pattern of a fish that appears to float on the waves of the Caspian. This whimsical touch captures the spirit of carefree seaside days, bringing a sense of nostalgia and charm to her collection.