Inspired by a rebirth following the challenges of a pandemic and post-war era, Menzer heralds a new renaissance for her brand with this collection. The horse and the phoenix, potent symbols of regeneration, illustrate this phase of rejuvenation and innovation, with these motifs appearing throughout the pareos and tunics. This collection strikes a harmonious balance between honoring the brand's heritage and introducing fresh, contemporary elements. By blending traditional Azerbaijani designs with universal appeal, it invites new audiences while paying homage to the rich culture of Azerbaijan. This is a time of profound transformation, reflecting both our storied past and a progressive vision for the future.

"I love to travel and I love summer, and it is summer somewhere always. This collection is for the global traveler and dedicated to those moving under the sun so making summer vacations relevant in winter.

For our new collection I want to make something, fun, more youthful and fresh.

I wanted to open up our collections to a wider audience in geography and taste."

- Menzer Hajiyeva

This collection features


This immortal bird, cyclically reborn from its ashes, symbolizes a new era and the rebirth of our brand. It's a deeply personal emblem for Menzer, our founder, reflecting a journey of transformation and resurgence.

This Collection Features

Carpet Element

The carpet element is inspired by Karabakh carpets, embodying a profound connection to Azerbaijani culture. This graphic pattern symbolizes a link to the homeland as a source of inner strength. Menzer, deeply inspired by her roots, infuses each piece with the power and spirit of Azerbaijani heritage.

This Collection features

Karabakh horse

The horse motif in our designs embodies strength, resilience, and freedom. Inspired by the victorious Karabakh horse, this symbol is known across cultures, representing endurance and triumph.

this collection features

Palm Leaves

Palm trees in our designs symbolize beauty, elegance, playfulness, and abundance. Often associated with vacations and relaxation by the beach, this pattern brings a lighthearted and playful mood to each piece. It's perfect for capturing the essence of leisure and joyful moments spent near the water.

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