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This silk kelagayi scarf features roses symbolizing romance and devotion. Handmade by female artisans using UNESCO-recognized techniques, it's a perfect bridal gift.


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About Product

Illustrated with roses, known universally as symbols of romance, beauty, and devotion, this scarf is a tribute to the deep emotional connections that weddings celebrate. 

Celebrated for its versatility, the silk carré can be styled in numerous ways. Whether worn as a chic bandana or a sophisticated turban, it elevates any summer ensemble. Alternatively, wrap it around your wrist or drape it on your bag for a striking splash of color.

This scarf has been handmade using the ancient technique of 'kelagayi' making. Stamped with the classic flower of love, each corner depicts a bouquet of roses.

An ideal gift for a bride-to-be or as a cherished wedding accessory, this scarf is a testament to traditional craftsmanship and cultural significance, making it a truly special addition to any bridal ensemble.

Artisanal / Sustainable

At Menzer Hajiyeva, we intertwine the essence of luxury with the principles of sustainability and ethical craftsmanship. Each of our kelagayi scarves is a testament to this belief, handcrafted with meticulous care in our atelier by a vibrant new generation of female artisans. We are committed to not only preserving the ancient art of kelagayi but also enhancing the economic stature of women in the villages of Azerbaijan. Our atelier is a sanctuary of safety and creativity, where any woman from the village of Goradil can learn this beautiful craft, develop her skills, and earn a fair wage. Discover more about how our commitment to these values shapes every scarf we create.

Technical Info

  • 70CM x 70CM / 28"x 28" 

Slight imperfections that do not compromise the aesthetics of the product are normal. Actual colors may vary slightly from the color on your screen. 

How to Clean

For the best care, always opt for dry cleaning. If you must wash it at home, gently hand wash using cold water and a specialty detergent. Avoid soaking; simply swirl and press out excess water without wringing. Allow your scarf to air dry, keeping it away from prolonged sunlight exposure to prevent fading. Store in a cool, dry place, either folded, rolled, or on a hanger. If needed, use a steam press on a low setting or a cool iron to remove creases, handling delicately to protect the fibers.


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